About the Team Owners Group

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About the Team Owners Group

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List of the current Team Owners Group (TOG)

League Director:

Team Owners:
HNT Awesome
IR TwistedDream
IR jokerstyle
Ix Morbid xI
SimR Boo3853
SimR Sclippy96

Voting Consultants:
IR DrDekes
SimR Tartarus42


About the TOG

The Team Owners Group, or TOG, is the group responsible for setting regulations, deciding seasons, enforcing the rules, and helping run the website. Currently there are three categories found within the TOG that help shape the structure of SimRacers:

League Director - Acting as a "chairman of the board," this position helps conduct meetings and keep things moving. Like other Team Owners, the Director has only 1 vote, but helps facilitate debate, makes judgment calls when needed, and may assign temporary duties to available TOG.

Team Owners - The core of the TOG, these are members whose efforts on and off the track have elevated them to help shape policy of the league overall. Each member has 1 vote and may submit changes for sporting regulations, season formats, or other matters in the form of a formal proposal. They are the primary link between the TOG and the driverbase and as such, are expected to keep up with current opinions and issues within the league. Additionally, each Team Owner runs a privateer team that competes in SimRacers events. Drivers may apply to become part of this group after reaching 40 races, however, space is limited to 8 members.

Voting Consultants - These individuals have been instrumental in the history and evolution of the league, often as former Team Owners or League Directors, and are retained even after retirement to help shape league matters when available. Joining the Team Owners, they also have the ability to vote on proposals or submit their own.

Why an 8-person limit?

The more voting members you have in a group, the less consensus you can reach, and the less that can get done efficiently. The TOG consists of individuals from all over the world and from all different viewpoints who have shown a dedication to the League. Although they may often not agree with one another, they have the respect of their peers, and are able to reach a consensus that helps shape SimRacers. Together with the Voting Consultants, there are 12 different individuals that can weigh in with their opinion or cast a vote. Currently, any proposal requires at least 6 unanimous votes to be passed or rejected, while a majority vote in favor or against decides the proposal when more than 6 members are present.

The importance of the Sporting Regulations

When you have individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and opinions trying to shape the best console racing league, there is going to be banter and debate that helps the league growing and evolving. However, at the center of everything - since 2006 - are our SPORTING REGULATIONS, a rule sheet that reads like a legal document and is designed to settle disputes and keep the League running consistently.

Responsibility of the TOG

Every Team Owner should understand that part of their job is to pay attention to the mood and opinions of the rest of the players, both on and off their respective team, and report those moods and opinions to the rest of the TOG during discussions and debate. As the link between drivers and the TOG as a whole, the best team owners balance their personal visions with that of other players within the league. Players have the ear of their Team Owners and should likewise feel free to express their opinions and feedback regarding policies and incidents. However, Team Owners are under no obligation to vote one way or another on any proposal.

TOG Meetings

The TOG meets Mondays on Xbox Live in a private party from 8-9 PM EST. In addition to collecting qualifying times, setting up lobbies, and the grid order, the bulk of proceedings are debating and deliberating league matters or voting on proposals. Although it is a private meeting, drivers may be invited to discuss certain matters, but are otherwise asked to send messages to TOG members if an urgent matter requires attention.

Keeping things in check

Because of this basic democratic system, no Team Owner or group of Team Owners less than 6 can dominate the management of the league. This ensures there is no room for the basic faults of people to get in the way of the overall good of the League. While the "right" decision is not always made, it is at least arrived upon after a process of debate between people with a variety of viewpoints. Combined with the SPORTING REGULATIONS, it has provided the League with effective management for many many years and many iterations of the Forza title.  

Regulations that do prove to be problematic or unpopular are often revisited and the SPORTING REGULATIONS evolve over time through debate and experience. Sometimes a pet project or proposal can take a long time to materialize, as team owners wait for a majority to agree with it, and sometimes it takes new Team Owners to make that happen if the majority of the TOG is set in their ways or holds an opposing viewpoint.  There is a steadily revolving door in the TOG and few members stay forever, making room for new teams and fresh input at the debate table season in and season out.

Season Selection:

Season Selection may be done a little differently every season, however there are some common elements that can be mentioned - they all have the fact that a majority of Team Owners agreed to do it that way as a common denominator.

1. Assigning a Tech Team: The League Director will sometimes assign a Tech Team to build and balance cars for an upcoming season.  Sometimes the TOG will only vote on a broad themed proposal (such as a multi class season) and then leave the technical details up to this team. A Tech Team typically has a managing member with a proven track record in tuning and building cars and is supported by other members to help test and refine the selected cars.

2. Pulling from the SimRacers Season Proposition:  This archive has been a treasure trove of great ideas for the TOG to draw from. Of course, the more fleshed out the better. Some seasons the League Director or TOG may employ someone who vets these proposals and presents the TOG with a set of options to vote on.

3. Simple Proposal:  Sometimes a Team Owner gets a hot idea and writes it up and simply submits it for consideration.  If the proposal is passed, the details get worked out one way or another, with a tech team or not depending on what the TOG decides.

Regulations Enforcement:

Team Owners are responsible for enforcement of the regulations and this sometimes involves sanctioning players who violate some of the more important racing etiquette and rules.  There are some protocols in place to ensure this is done privately and delicately but Team Owners have the power to submit a complaint and data to the rest of the TOG to discuss the need for sanctions.  Possible sanctions are described in the SPORTING REGULATIONS.  

In addition to this, TOG members are always on the lookout for build violations and are intended to save and study event replays to help ensure sportsmanship in the race culture.

This guide does not comprise every aspect of the TOG or management of the league but it does provide a good overview for how things work.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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